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#1 Post by rebirther » 05.09.2009, 19:42


NFS@Home is a research project that uses Internet-connected computers to do the lattice sieving step in the NFS factorization of large integers.

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Re: NFS@Home

#2 Post by DoctorNow » 04.09.2020, 19:22

Bei NFS sind zwei neue Anwendungen dazu gekommen (plus Badges - für die Sammler):
3 Sep 2020, 20:38:37 UTC Two new apps launched
Two new apps have been launched, lasievee_small and lasievef_small. As the numbers we factor become larger, the lasieved app has largely become inadequate while the lasievee app queue has grown very long. In an attempt to compensate, job memory use and runtime has crept upward to stretch the capability of the apps. To alleviate these issues, these new apps will provide additional flexibility to choose the app most appropriate to the size of the number being factored while keeping memory use and runtime more reasonable. If you have modified your project preferences to run only specific applications, you may want to adjust your settings to enable these new apps. Thanks for your contributions to NFS@Home!
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