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#1 Post by rebirther » 01.10.2014, 20:41

just for info:
I´m starting an own research project; nearly today. I would use the
BOINC platform, but I just wanna ask for "help".
What I wanna make?

Simply easy, compute everythink that we can compute; in an open
computing cluster. I´m starting with math; the goldbachs-conjecture will
be the first work. (running tests up to 10^100)
I started working on an open-math-lib for one week; target is easy
learning complex math function with own created examples. And an big
number-database for precomputing, e.g. high number computings for
theoretical physics.

On 01/2015 I´ll start an open protein-folder based at rosetta-app;
target is to make the whole NCBI-database for top-energy-score. (I´ve
asked the Helmholz centre for epidemiology at the ERN; they need an high
amount of computing time; maybe they will give me some work.)
I´m trying to use some quantum-mechanics-theoriems.
no url yet.

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